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How would your child benefit from an in home sensory gym?

A sensory gym in the home provides a safe, accessible space for you and your child to play and grow with each other. Whether you’re looking to implement a sensory gym in your home to aid in difficulties with sensory regulation, or just to provide your child with an awesome space to explore their imagination, we’re confident you’ll see a broad range of benefits.  Scroll down to learn about how we deliver the industry’s best sensory gym installation, at the most competitive price.

Our Process:

Identifying your needs

Our professionals communicate with you directly to identify your child’s interests and needs.  We’ll create a personalized profile and collaborate with you and incorporate any therapist recommendations to ensure we’re on the right track in designing your perfect space.

Project Research

Once we’ve discussed which components will work best for your needs, we gather important specifics such as the dimensions of your space, to custom engineer each piece of equipment specifically for the project.

Design Your Ideal Gym

We take what we’ve gathered from you in your consultation and use our expansive knowledge base and expert resources to create components that will provide the most benefit for you and your child. Collaboration with our clients is extremely important in this step of the process, so we reach out often to discuss options.

Start Construction

Once you have approved the design, our engineers create a build blueprint and schedule. Our licensed contractors build out the components for your space to specification, providing the highest quality product to exact dimensions.

Quality Check

Every component of your gym is inspected by hand as it leaves each construction station, and again as it enters its next phase of assembly, for any flaws, contact points, or defects. Multiple measures of safety control combined with the highest quality materials ensures that you will receive a product that exceeds all standards.

Delivery and Buildout

Keyheart strives to provide you with the most convenient construction process when it’s time to install your sensory gym. We are happy to work within your schedule to retain the greatest level of peace in your home. Our professional contractors are the best in the business, providing friendly service and expert quality. They will walk you through the aspects of your equipment and make sure that all your questions are answered so you feel confident in its use. Your space will be left clean and ready for use, just the way we would want for our own home.

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We are dedicated to bringing imagination to life, the right way.

The goal of Keyheart Sensory Gyms has always been to create unique and meaningful spaces that truly make an impact in the lives of the children who use them and to be strong advocates for the importance of inclusion for children with all kinds of needs.  In-home installations of sensory gyms provide the most accessibility available for your child, in the comfort of home.  Fill out the form below to get a FREE consultation and get started on your journey to transform your space today!



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