Commercial Sensory Gyms

Sensory Gyms:  A Valuable Asset for Many Spaces

Schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, child activity centers, and therapy clinics of all disciplines are all perfect places to add a sensory space, big or small.  By creating an environment that encourages play and engagement, you can create a positive experience that is inclusive for all children, especially those with sensory processing needs. 

Our Process:

Identifying your needs

We start with outlining a plan that supports your goals and values as a business, identifying your client population, strengths, needs, and overall accomplishments you want to see with your new space. We take all of your ideas as top priority, and never push items you don’t need. We create a variety of designs that fit your budget and transform your space!

Once we’ve narrowed down which components will work best in your space, we gather valuable information such as the dimensions of your space and construction limitations your space might pose.  We utilize this information to engineer components that best serve your needs.  Collaboration with our clients is extremely important in this step of the process, so we reach out to you throughout the process to make sure we’ve got the design right before we start building anything.

Project Research

Once we’ve discussed which components will work best for your needs, we gather important specifics such as the dimensions of your space, to custom engineer each piece of equipment specifically for the project. We take what we’ve gathered from you in your consultation and use our expansive knowledge base to find components that will best suit your clients, taking texture, color, lighting, and tech options into consideration. 

Design Your Ideal Gym

Our team of design professionals are ready to work with you to put your imagination on paper. We use a variety of layout designs and 3D renderings to help you visualize the entire space as it comes to life. Our engineers work closely with the design team to create unique equipment that fits your dream while being completely structurally sound. We’ll create a personalized profile and collaborate with you to ensure we’re on the right track in designing your perfect space.

Start Construction

Once you have approved the design, our engineers create a build blueprint and schedule. Our licensed contractors build out the components for your space to specification, providing the highest quality product to exact dimensions.

Quality Check

Every component of your gym is inspected by hand as it leaves each construction station, and again as it enters its next phase of assembly, for any flaws, contact points, or defects. Multiple measures of safety control, combined with the highest quality materials, ensures that you will receive a product that exceeds all standards. 

Delivery and Buildout

Keyheart strives to provide you with the most convenient construction process when it’s time to install your sensory gym. We are happy to work within your schedule to ensure the comfort of your clients and employees. Our professional contractors are the best in the business, providing friendly service and expert quality. They will walk you through the aspects of your equipment and make sure that all your questions are answered so you feel confident in its use. Your space will be left clean and ready for use!

Therapy Clinics and Hospitals – As the leading facilities for treatment of sensory processing and spectrum disorders, focused therapy centers and hospitals are the ideal place for a sensory gym. Our equipment is designed to reinforce and support treatment plans practiced by therapists while also providing an opportunity to expand the variety of exercises. As a partner in your goals for success, we work with you to create a system that complements and enhances your treatment style, while also providing unique benefits of productive play.

Child Activity Centers – Locations designed to provide a free play experience for children are a perfect place to add a sensory gym. The benefits of exploration, creativity, and socialization are combined with productive play and skill building that all children can enjoy. The added attention to sensory integration creates an environment that stimulates and encourages engagement with a wide variety of tools to practice the skills they have learned.

Schools – The great majority of children spend a large amount of their lives in a school setting. One of the most beneficial tools a school can utilize for their special needs population is a sensory gym. An area designated for focusing on improving skills within the school allows for a reduction in the need to take children elsewhere for additional services. Providing a consistent schedule for these students to receive specialized teaching in a familiar and safe environment increases the comfort level felt by all. With equipment available at hand to incorporate productive play with learning, students will experience the benefits of areas designed with their specific needs in mind.

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The goal of Keyheart Sensory Gyms has always been to create unique and meaningful spaces that truly make an impact in the lives of the children who use them and to be strong advocates for the importance of inclusion for children with all kinds of needs.  Installations in professional facilities provide us with the opportunity to reduce accessibility issues for those who experience difficulty in sensory regulation in the most impactful way.  Fill out the form below to get a FREE consultation and be a part of our mission to eliminate accessibility issues and broaden the availability of sensory friendly spaces, one gym at a time.



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