About Us

Freedom to Imagine

Imaginative play immerses children in a world of their own creativity. Our custom designed spaces provide the perfect environment to encourage and enhance this open-ended play while promoting skill development and child-centered therapy solutions. We focus on the goals that you want to achieve with your clients and incorporate equipment into your existing space that facilitates those needs.

Succeeding Together

Guiding children along their path to success is key to developing crucial skills. We are here to help you navigate the process of creating a space that allows you to provide them with the most productive experience possible. Inclusion is at the core of our values, and that means we design our spaces with interaction in mind. Our systems are able to accommodate multiple children, and even adults, which provides social opportunities to improve communication and trust building. Parents and therapist can join therapy sessions to allow children to feel safe and comfortable as they expand their skills at their own pace.

Service You Can Trust

Safety is our priority while designing your sensory environment. Our team is comprised of highly skilled and board-certified professionals including therapists, contractors, engineers, teachers, and artists. We collaborate to create unique spaces that provide a wide variety of function while maintaining the highest standard of safety.

Our first step is to get to know you, and understand the practices and techniques that you value most in your environment. Our design team then uses those guidelines to create a comprehensive layout that focuses on your specific goals. We implement solutions to address key developmental elements such as gross motor skills, balance, reflexes, as well as stimulation to strengthen pre-frontal cortex operations such as environmental awareness and problem solving. Our continuing education keeps us on the front line of therapeutical development and evolution.

Our construction takes care to eliminate dangerous gaps and contact points, and every piece is hand processed to be smooth and curved. Each element is painted by hand, in any color or theme you choose, including art, murals, and tactile arrangements, for a full sensory experience.

Keyheart Sensory Gyms are more than a product. We are a full-service resource helping you improve the lives of the children you care for.



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