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Why do you need a sensory gym?

Any environment is perfect for a sensory gym and we’re confident you’ll see a wide range of benefits.   Sensory gyms provide a safe environment for children who experience difficulty with sensory regulation.  These spaces can be utilized for a variety of therapy applications, such as developing gross motor skills, working on socialization, and exercising independence, to name a few.  At Keyheart Sensory Gyms, we utilize years of education and experience in child development and engineering to deliver a customized product for every client, that’s backed by research.  Click through below to start a conversation about integrating a Keyheart Sensory Gym.

Our Mission

The goal of Keyheart Sensory Gyms has always been to create unique and meaningful spaces that truly make an impact in the lives of the children who use them and to be strong advocates for the importance of inclusion for children with all kinds of needs. Since 2017, we have focused on providing expert service and the highest quality product available, with affordable pricing. Our greatest priority is developing scientifically based equipment with sound construction and rigorous safety in mind. We set ourselves apart with a team of certified professionals with education and real-world experience in abnormal childhood development, engineering, architecture, therapy, teaching, design, and construction. This star-studded staff guarantees an experience that is second-to-none in the industry. Help us in our mission to eliminate accessibility issues and broaden the availability of sensory friendly spaces, one gym at a time. Click the link below to start a conversation with us!

What Our Customers Have To Say!

Samantha goes above and beyond to see your vision into reality! She was very knowledgeable about building codes & regulations, sensory activities, and everything in between.

Jamilla, Owner, MI

Keyheart Sensory Gyms has been our partner in designing and installing 14 playgrounds and sensory gyms for our centers with fair pricing, prompt service and installation, and overwhelming satisfaction from our clients, families, and staff!


No words can truly express how much we appreciate all they did for us and what they have brought the kids and families in our area. Keyheart truly fits their name- this company touched upon a key to our hearts in their design and you truly feel all the heart that was put into creating our center.

Joanne, Owner, NC

Commercial Sensory Gyms

Commercial spaces offer a wonderful opportunity to create a space that specializes in sensory focused activities. As one of our main missions, we look to create environments conducive to integrating play with productivity and increase the availability of locations in which all kids can feel comfortable. Whether serving children directly or parents with children accompanying them to your location, we can develop an area that is designed specifically for them. 

Schools, hospitals, waiting rooms, child activity centers, and therapy clinics of all disciplines are all perfect places to add a sensory space, big or small.  By creating an environment that encourages play and engagement, you can create a positive experience that is inclusive for all children, especially those with sensory processing needs. 

Home Sensory Gyms

Sensory gyms provide a safe environment for children who experience difficulty in sensory regulation.  These spaces are the most accessible when they’re implemented in the home.  Installing your own sensory gym also carries the advantage of being able to customize it to your child’s needs.  You’ll also find that you can take on a more active role in your child’s growth.  Sensory gyms are extremely versatile, providing benefits to any child that experiences one, so they are great for multiple child families. A sensory gym in the home gives you an option for stimulating active play all year round, removing restrictions of weather and travel. Click through to see how Keyheart can bring your vision to life.



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